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5 thoughts on “Kontact”

  1. Hi,
    I am hosting a community radio show out of Davis, CA and I am replaying your interviews about the June 26, 2016 antifa resistance in Sacramento, Ca.
    I found it on youtube, and I really liked the whole thing. Our station is KDVS in Davis, and it can be found on https://kdvs.org/. My show is “The Capitol.”
    Great job, keep it up!

  2. Hi there! We are having an event near the area of Asheville, Nc and were told your might be a good source for getting the word out. Heartwood is the organization, the event is Strong Roots! and we’re available to answer questions info(at)heartwood(dot)org
    We have some amazing kickass speakers and activist coming for the weekend to talk about issues pertaining to forest protection and mitigating climate change, farm to table cooking, and great local entertainment!

  3. Hello friends from TFS,

    My name is Marvin, and I am a host for a up and coming Anarchist radio show, Blacklight Podcast, on my local Station, The Real Underground. It will be broadcasted everywhere around the world. Although I’m very eager to contribute to the cause for freedom from Capitalism and the State, I’m having a hard time trying to get in touch of anyone one who would be interested for interviews or to advertise on the show to meet my quota (which is 2 interviews or advertisements per month for $25). How do you overcome the networking nightmare? I would pay for the show out of my pocket if I had to, but I wanted to get your insight on contacting people.

    Thanks for you time and consideration
    Host of the Blacklight Podcast on The Real Underground Radio
    Marvin Spencer

  4. hey im sebaxxxtian bass player in asilo. i’ve just read you play a song of us in your show, we gonna thank you for programming us with thou, tragedy and other bands we love.

    we gonna release soon our first full length check our fb page for news

    take care!

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