Links To Check Out

Our Most Benevolent Host-Stations


Channel Zero Network Members

  • Crimethinc :
    • The Ex-Worker, a podcast of ideas and actions. An audio strike, if you will, against a monotone world.
    • The Hotwire, a seasonal, weekly podcast produced by The Ex-Worker.
  • subMedia:
    • TROUBLE is a new series by the subMedia crew, 30 minute video and audio documentaries every month meant to be shared and discussed.
    • BurningCopCar is a radical hip hop podcast.
  • Which Side Podcast, a VegAnarchist series featuring interviews on environmental & animal liberation, veganism and anarchism
  • Solecast podcast by Sole, anarchist hip hop & interviews
  • Resonance Audio Distro Articles, Zines & such read aloud & free
  • It’s Going Down IDGcast Frequent, long-form anarchist interview show of high quality.
  • Kiteline is a weekly, 30 minute, radio-ready show and podcast, airing on WFHB (Bloomington)
  • Rebel Beat Radio is Firebrand Records podcast of radical political music across different genres, and across different continents, hosted and produced by Aaron Maiden on unceded Mohawk territory in Montreal.
  • Dissident Island Radio London-based anarchist radio show featuring live DJ sets, legal updates, radio theatre and interviews on current topics, every 2 weeks!
  • Anarchistisches Radio Berlin German, English & Spanish podcasts of news & discussion from around the world
  • The Danthropology with Dan Arel podcast is hosted by author and journalist Dan Arel. Monthly, the show hosts a guest to talk about radical politics, science, and often their intersectionality with culture and religion, with an anarchist perspective.
  • Radical Underground is a podcast that connects radical politics with underground music around the world.
  • Rustbelt Abolition Radio is an abolitionist media and movement-building project based in Detroit, MI. Radio-ready for broadcast in the U.S.


A-Radio Network Members


(A)narchist and (A)-friendly Radio/Audio Projects

  • Anarchy On Air (picks up where Horizontal Power Hour left off), student radio at Wesleyan University
  • Anarchy Radio, Anarcho-Primitivist radio with John Zerzan from University of Oregon’s Eugene Campus
  • Against The Grain, 4 x a week radical history and philosophy radio show out of Berkeley’s KPFA studios
  • Hard Knock Radio, hip-hop culture, music, history and politics
  • No Borders , a one-season web-video series exploring local struggles in global context by Sur Negro Comunicaciones in English & Spanish
  • “The Brilliant” podcast, a semi-regular discussion of opinions, events, topical in nature and at times heady featuring Aragorn!
  • Anews Podcast, produced by folks around AnarchistNews.ORG
  • Free Radical Radio, anti-social anarchist podcast and audio book series out of the East Bay, CA, with Rydra & Squee
  • The Black Mask Podcast is an anarchist podcast that hails from the Dirty South of the U.S.A.
  • Revolutionary Left Radio discusses political philosophy, current events, activism, and the inevitable historical downfall of capitalism from a revolutionary leftist perspective.


Prison Radio Projects


No Longer Airing Radio/Podcasts


Some U.S. Scenes

St. Louis
Bloomington, IN
Fireworks: Anarchist Counterinformation Project for the Bay Area
Raleigh-Chapel Hill/Carrboro-Durham, NC Triangle


Int’l News

Anarchist News
It’s Going Down clearinghouse
Earth First! Newswire
Internationalist Prison Books
Green Is The New Red
War On Society
325 Mag/Net
Act For Freedom Now!
AntiFascist News
One Peoples Project
Anon News
Sabotage Media
Inter Arma Info
News & Ideas from Anarchists in West Asia, Arab World & North Africa


Local (to Asheville, NC) Projects that we like

Tranzmission Prison Project
Asheville Prison Books
Firestorm Books & Coffee
Asheville Community Action Calendar Local events and actions


Metal & Punk sites with Good Politics

Red & Anarchist Black Metal
The Dark Skies Above Us

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