Links To Check Out

Our Most Benevolent Host-Stations
Asheville Free Media WSFM-LP 103.3 Asheville, NC
KWTF 88.1 FM, Bodega Bay, CA
KOWA-LP 106.5 FM, Olympia, WA
WCRS-LP 102.1 & 98.3 FM Columbus, OH
KWRK-LP 90.9 FM Fairbanks, AK
People’s Will Radio in Austin, TX
107.7 Radio Klaxon on the ZAD in Notre-Dame-de-Landes, Brittany, France
A-Infos Radio Project

Channel Zero Network Members
The Exworker (Crimethinc Podcast), a podcast of ideas and actions. An audio strike, if you will.
subMedia, TROUBLE is a new series by the subMedia crew, 30 minute video and audio documentaries every month meant to be shared and discussed. BurningCopCar is an upcoming radical hip hop podcast coming soon.
Which Side Podcast, a VegAnarchist series featuring interviews on environmental & animal liberation, veganism and anarchism
Solecast podcast by Sole, anarchist hip hop & interviews
Resonance Audio Distro Articles, Zines & such read aloud & free
It’s Going Down IDGcast Frequent, long-form anarchist interview show now syndicating!

A-Radio Network Members
Dissident Island Radio London-based anarchist radio show
Anarchistisches Radio BerlinGerman, English & Spanish podcasts
1431AM Thessoloniki Free Radio, (Thessoloniki, Greece)
98FM / Radiozones Of Subversive Expression (Athens, Greece)
FrequenzA Hamburg, Germany
Črna Luknja “Black Hole” (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
A-Radio Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
Radio Libertarie (Paris, France)
Motbrus (Podcast, Stockholm, Sweden)
Furia de Radio / Radio Irola Irratia (Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain)
Lucha Libre on Radio Topo (Zaragoza, Spain)
Volver a la tierra Podcast (Temuco, Chile)
Error Involuntario show on Radio Kurruf(Concepción, Chile)
Radio Parasita (Volos, Greece)
Radio Psalidi [Radio Scissors] back online in September, 2016 (Rethymno, Greece)
Radio Revolt (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Radio Kurruf
Rosas Negras Anarcha-Feminist radio (San Salvador, El Salvador)

(A)-like Radio/Audio Projects
Anarchy On Air (picks up where Horizontal Power Hour left off), student radio at Wesleyan University
Anarchy Radio, Anarcho-Primitivist radio with John Zerzan from University of Oregon’s Eugene Campus
Against The Grain, 4 x a week radical history and philosophy radio show out of Berkeley’s KPFA studios
Hard Knock Radio, hip-hop culture, music, history and politics
No Borders an up-and-coming video series exploring local struggles in global context by Sur Negro Comunicaciones in English & Spanish
“The Brilliant” podcast, a semi-regular discussion of opinions, events, topical in nature and at times heady featuring Aragorn!
Anews Podcast, produced by folks around AnarchistNews.ORG
Horizontal Hostility, a podcast of Anarchist philosophy and shit-talking
The Anarchists Podcast, a trans-Atlantic conversation on recent issues and events

Prison Radio Projects
The Prison Radio on CKUT, twice a month features on prisons and with prisoners in North America
Prison Radio Project, Noelle Hanrahan’s political prisoner radio segments, most famous for featuring Mumia Abu-Jamal
Kite Line Radio, a weekly radio show focusing on prisons in Indiana and beyond. Based out of WFHB (Bloomington).
The Prison Show based out of KPFT in Houston, Texas, since 1980 connecting prisoners and the outside via the airwaves.
Calls From Home (WMMT) prison shoutouts, issues & hiphop from Whitesburg, KY
Guelph Prison Radio on CFRU 93.3FM in Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Free Alabama Movement podcast by prisoners involved in the National Free Movement, mostly based out of Alabama

Non-English Anarchist Radio/Podcasts/Videocasts
No Longer Airing Radio/Podcasts
Black Autonomy Federation Radio, Lorenzo & JoNina Ervin’s discourse on race, capitalism, incarceration and anti-capitalist organizing (off-air?)
Free Radical Radio, anti-social anarchist podcast and audio book series out of the East Bay, CA, with Rydra & Squee (currently on hiatus)
Horizontal Power Hour (Archives only, Anarchy On Air now)
Black Mask on CKUW, 95.9 FM @ U of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada (Aired 1999 to 2014! Extensive archives)
TCN Radio/Anarchist Sound Event (5 episodes, ending in 2014)
The Counterpower Hour WDBX (Carbondale, IL) related to The Flyover infoshop (no longer airing)
The Circled A Radio from London (Not currently airing)

Some U.S. Scenes
St. Louis
Bloomington, IN
Fireworks: Anarchist Counterinformation Project for the Bay Area
Raleigh-Chapel Hill/Carrboro-Durham, NC Triangle

Int’l News
Anarchist News
It’s Going Down clearinghouse
Earth First! Newswire
Internationalist Prison Books
Green Is The New Red
War On Society
325 Mag/Net
Act For Freedom Now!
AntiFascist News
One Peoples Project
Anon News
Sabotage Media
Inter Arma Info
News & Ideas from Anarchists in West Asia, Arab World & North Africa

Local (to Asheville, NC) Projects that we like
Tranzmission Prison Project
Asheville Prison Books
Firestorm Books & Coffee
Asheville Community Action Calendar Local events and actions

Metal & Punk sites with Good Politics
Red & Anarchist Black Metal
The Dark Skies Above Us

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