Links To Check Out

Our Most Benevolent Host-Stations

Honorable Mention of Stations no longer active:

Channel Zero Network Members

  • Crimethinc :
    • The Ex-Worker, a podcast of ideas and actions. An audio strike, if you will, against a monotone world.
  • subMedia:
    • TROUBLE is a new series by the subMedia crew, 30 minute video and audio documentaries every month meant to be shared and discussed.
    • BurningCopCar is a radical hip hop podcast (no longer producing).
  • Solecast podcast by Sole, anarchist hip hop & interviews
  • Resonance Audio Distro Articles, Zines & such read aloud & free
  • It’s Going Down:
    • IDGcast infrequent, long-form anarchist interview show of high quality or This Is America (very frequent), short news shows with interviews and updates.
  • Kiteline is a weekly, 30 minute, radio-ready show and podcast, airing on WFHB (Bloomington)
  • Rebel Beat Radio is Firebrand Records podcast of radical political music across different genres, and across different continents, hosted and produced by Aaron Maiden on unceded Mohawk territory in Montreal.
  • Dissident Island Radio London-based anarchist radio show featuring live DJ sets, legal updates, radio theatre and interviews on current topics, every 2 weeks!
  • Anarchistisches Radio Berlin German, English & Spanish podcasts of news & discussion from around the world
  • Rustbelt Abolition Radio is an abolitionist media and movement-building project based in Detroit, MI. Radio-ready for broadcast in the U.S.
  • Subversion1312 (prev The Anarchy Show) is one of the longest running anarchist radio programs in the world airing in Brisbane Australia since c. 1992.
  • From Embers is an anarchist podcast out of Kingston, Ontario, and broadcasting weekly from 8-9 PM on Kingston’s campus-community radio station, CFRC 101.9 FM. A similar but fine-tuned-for-the internet-audience version is also available via most major podcatching applications.
  • Radical People Podcast My friends are wing nuts. It makes for good conversation.
  • Primal Anarchy Podcast. Prev ‘Black and Green Podcast’. Hosted by Kevin Tucker, the podcast covers Black & Green publications, affairs, and more, will delve into all things anti-civilization and co-exist with current, past, and future B&G projects.
  • Rebel Steps was created by Amy and Liz, two sisters living in Brooklyn, NY. Though they both always had strong political views, Trump’s election spurred them to a new chapter of activism, including everything from the women’s march to anti-fascist organizing.
  • Coffee With Comrades is a leftist podcast of conversation by two anarchists.
  • Red Strings & Maroons is a podcast that digs into little known histories of armed revolt and community defense against oppression in the so called United States. RS&M also focuses on helping curate an ongoing discussion surrounding firearms and the skills needed for defense from an antifascist and anti-authoritarian perspective.
  • We Will Remember Freedom is a monthly fiction podcast series edited by Margaret Killjoy. Each episode brings a new story written by authors who are willing to imagine worlds without oppression or worlds where we fight against that oppression.
  • Live Like The World Is Dying How do we live in a world that might be ending? By preparing to survive that end and by working to prevent it. Also by Margaret Killjoy.
  • 12 Rules For What. The Far Right is building. But it doesn’t always come as a street movement marching in black. Often it’s smarter than that, often more insidious, often more inclined to infect culture than impose itself on the political, and often just plain weird. In this podcast we investigate the surreal, disconnected world of the far right, with a view to fighting it. Fighting it requires not only effective organising, but effective thinking as well. We host interviews with comrades, discussions of the main themes of far right theory and practice, and in-depth analyses of particular movements and people within it.
  • Ransom Notes: Subversive music and spoken samples carefully selected, viciously cut, and madly strewn together like the raving letters of a desperate ransom note. Heavily focused on, but not limited to hip-hop. This podcast is mixed and produced in part as an effort to celebrate the radical roots of hip-hop and also as an opportunity teach myself the skills of audio production. Produced by G agit_hop.
  • The Poor Can Feed The Birds is hosted by Tom Tanuki, covering participatory, grassroots politics and activism around Australia. It covers rallies and actions from the past, present and future, and talks to people in the front lines of in growing activist movements in a rapidly changing Australia (and world).
  • Doomer v Bloomer: Each week, the dewy-eyed and hopeful bloomer, Franz, will face off against the jaded and cynical doomer, Kami. It’s up to you to decide who wins. We’ll discuss current events, leftist theory, praxis, and history, and feature special guests with relative expertise in a wide range of subjects.


A-Radio Network Members

(A)narchist and (A)-friendly Radio/Audio Projects

  • Anarchy On Air (picks up where Horizontal Power Hour left off), student radio at Wesleyan University
  • Anarchy Radio, Anarcho-Primitivist radio with John Zerzan from University of Oregon’s Eugene Campus
  • Against The Grain, 4 x a week radical history and philosophy radio show out of Berkeley’s KPFA studios
  • Hard Knock Radio, hip-hop culture, music, history and politics
  • No Borders , a one-season web-video series exploring local struggles in global context by Sur Negro Comunicaciones in English & Spanish
  • Revolutionary Left Radio discusses political philosophy, current events, activism, and the inevitable historical downfall of capitalism from a revolutionary leftist perspective.
  • No Borders Media is an autonomous left-wing media network. We share and create content that supports the struggles of communities in resistance, with a focus on the self-determination struggles of Indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees and working class people of colour in the context of opposition to capitalism and colonialism. Some current focuses include: migrant justice, resistance to borders, anti-fascism and anarchism.
  • The Antifada is a New York city-based Ultra-Left podcast that’s quite smart and entertaining (to say the least).

Prison Radio Projects

No Longer Airing Radio/Podcasts

Int’l News

North-Shore.InfoIt’s Going Down clearinghouse
Earth First! Newswire
Prison Books
Green Is The New Red
325 Mag/Net
Act For Freedom Now!
AntiFascist News
One Peoples Project
Anon News
Sabotage Media
Inter Arma Info
News & Ideas from Anarchists in West Asia, Arab World & North AfricaAnarchist News

Local (to Asheville, NC) Projects that we like