Radio Broadcasting

Air Our Show

We have on offer a weekly, free, 58 minute radio show that is clean for broadcast. We provide timely, in depth information from a radical perspective and have been since 2010. To get those radio-ready editions of the show, you have two ways to get us:

  • Pacifica Affiliates: you can find our weekly show by 6pm each Sunday on Audioport
  • Everyone Else: subscribe to our Archive.Org rss feed where by 6pm each Sunday we upload our new shows.
    • We also post our past, full podcasts here at least a few weeks after the radio show airs, so if you’re digging through archives pay attention to the length and avoid anything with ‘podcast’ in the name if you need FCC friendly content. This is important because we frequently make podcast versions that are longer, include the AshevilleFM station ID, call to support our local bookstore and do not cut out profanity.

Want to broadcast us? Great! Email us at TheFinalStrawRadio (at) Riseup (dot) Net. If you inform us that you’ll be airing the show, we can be in touch to inform you as changes occur and announce to our audience to tune into your frequency.

Currently, we’re being aired on WCRS, KWTF, KWRK-LP, WSFM, KRJF-LP, KFUG-LP, KEPW-LP, WGDRKODX-LP, KMSW-LP and WFVR-LP!


At a time when the conservative, religious right has been dominating the free-to-consumer media (such as talk radio and Fox) and expanding their networks of influence and distribution, we hope to present counter-information and present free media from an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, feminist, anti-racist, eco-defense and generally anti-oppressive perspective. We hope that this media, our radio show, can contribute to the sharing voices engaged in the thinking and struggles on the ground to build solidarity and spread the anarchistic position.