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From our Patreon:

a buncha white NYT reporters in the news room in the 1930'sWe’ve had an ongoing struggle here at TFSR to find time to produce a weekly hour-long show, engage in local organizing and work our jobs. This is a struggle we’re willing to engage and we get things we need from each of these things. We appreciate very much the support of folks here on Patreon and by other means that help us pay our podcasting bills and have money to pass onto other projects, to prisoners commissaries and invest in new equipment. Bursts often says that we don’t expect to live off of the Patreon or other donations, but that the money goes far and we are thankful for access to it.

One thing we’ve struggled to find time to do has been transcribing episodes. Well, with the help of a chat with our very smart friend Margaret Killjoy, we’ve come up with a solution. We are going to retire the Wordsmith category and create a new tier to raise funds to pay for transcription service from a comrade. We haven’t worked out all of the kinks, but the hope is that for every $120 we raise from the new category and above tiers, we’ll be able to pay for transcribing one of the four episodes we air a month. This will get money into working comrades pockets, allow search engines to find the words of our guests more easily, allow for easier translation and access for folks who have hearing difficulties, and will get interviews into prisoners hands via their supporters. The ideal would be to raise enough funds in this manner, via a push through our platform, to transcribe all 4 regular episodes a month. Subscribers in the US to this new tier will be able to receive paper copies of the transcripted episodes monthly should they desire (sorry, but the costs and paperwork of regular shipping internationally for something that’s printable would detract from the purpose of the tier). So, that’s the plan! You’ll hear more soon.

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