Life During Wartime (rebroadcast) + Zerzan reads Swain

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This episode, we replay an interview from August of 2012. An interview with Will Munger, one of the editors and contributors to the AK Press release of 2013, Life During Wartime. This book is a project of the CounterCounterInsurgency conference that’d happened prior in Portland and the articles discuss various explorations of the use of CounterInsurgency by law enforcement and the military domestically in the United States to suppress political and “a-political” movements and threats. Available from AK Press.

What is COIN (Counterinsurgency)? How is it being applied to movements and communities in the United States? How do we resist it? These are among the topics covered during the conversation.

Among other things, Will’s research has focused on the case study of the relationship and dialogue developed between law enforcement in Salinas, California and the Monterey, California-based Naval Postgraduate School. This relationship has allowed NPS to conduct the beginnings of a proxy-war on the local Latino populations with a focus on eradicating gang networks. Will’s essay, “Social War in the Salad Bowl” won a grant from the Institute for Anarchist Studies this last year.

U.S. Army Field Manual 3-24: Counterinsurgency Warfare
NPS: Gangs and Guerrillas

First, though, John Zerzan reads a script by Sean Swain, anarchist prisoner who’s being denied access to phone and email privileges due to his participation in this show and his recent success at gaining a new lawyer. April 20th marks the 23rd anniversary of Sean’s incarceration, so he reflects on the case that initially got him locked up. His new lawyer hopes to overturn that initial conviction and get Sean released.