Prison Bars Won’t Stifle These Hearts

This week, we’re presenting three segments, all related in some way to prison. We hear an essay by an anarchist prisoner in Chile about a prison massacre on it’s 10th anniversary, the voice of David Easley reporting from within a covid outbreak in an Ohio prison, and the voice of someone who’s protest against nuclear weapons was leading her to incarceration.

Ecological Uprising, Antifascism and Anarchist Organizing in Serbia

An interview with Marko of Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative in Belgrade, Serbia about the Ecological Uprising of November and December to stop jadarite mining and other initiatives that could destroy water, air and soil in the Balkan mountains, antifascist perspectives on far right organizing in Belgrade, the presence of US neo-nazi Rob Rundo in the fascist scene, and challenges to left anti-authoritarian organizing in the former Yugoslavia.

Making Links: June 11th, Long-term Prisoners, Anti-Repression Work

A June 11 conversation with anarchists who do support for prisoners from the Fergusson Uprising of 2014, an activist from Atlanta doing jail support and bail fund work, former anarchist prisoner and hactivist Jeremy Hammond on his experience of organizing in prison and his brother Jason on working in Chicago with the Community Bond Fund. This June 11 we talk about long term anarchist prisoners, anti-repression work from the 2020 uprising and beyond.

Shane Burley on “Why We Fight”

A conversation with Shane Burley, author of the new AK Press book, “Why We Fight: Essays on Fascism, Resistance, and Surviving the Apocalypse”. For the hour, we speak about the contents of the book, anti-fascism, toxic masculinity, pushing racists and fascists out of cultural space, antisemitism (including in the left), conspiricism, right wing publishing and other topics.